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List of Faculty Members in Training and Placement Cell,

Name: Mr. Kishor S. Jeve
Designation: Training and Placement Officer
Qualification: M.Sc.(Computer Science), P.hd.(Pursuing)
Email Id: kishoryog@gmail.com
Offical Email Id: placement@cocsit.org.in

Name: Ms. Dipali H Mahamuni
Designation: Member
Qualification: M.Sc.(Computer Management), Pursuing P.hd.
Email Id: mahamuni666@gmail.com

Name: Mr. Datta R. Somavanshi.
Trainer: .Net Technology
Qualification: M.Sc(Computer Science),M.phil.
Email Id: somavanshi1234@gmail.com

Name: Mr. Kailas R. Jadhav
Trainer: Language Aptitude (English)
Qualification: M.A.(English), B.Ed.
Email Id: joykailas@gmail.com

Name: Mr. Amol B. Kumbhar
Trainer: JAVA Certified, Android, Web Technology
Qualification: Master of Computer Application (MCA)
Email Id: amolkum143@gmail.com

Name: Mr. Satyajit D. Sirsat.
Trainer: Quantitative Apptitude,C,C++.
Qualification: M.E. (Computer Science and Engineering)
Email Id: satyajit358@gmail.com

Name: Ms. Puja D. Jadhav
Designation: Business Development
Qualification: M.B.A.(Finance & Marketing)
Email Id: puja.h.badade@gmail.com

Name:Miss. J. D. Ramdasi
Trainer: Software Testing,ISTQB Certified
Qualification: B.E. Computer Science and Engineering.
Email Id: janhaviramdasi@gmail.com

Name: Mr. Shubham S. Hengane
Trainer: Web Technologies, Networking, C, C++
Qualification: BE (Computer Science and Engineering)
Email Id: shubhamhengane123@gmail.com

Name: Mr. Vidhyadhar V. Yadav.
Trainer: Logical Reasoning.
Qualification: BE (Information Technology)
Email Id: vidyadav007@gmail.com

Name: Miss. Sandhya V. Shinde.
Trainer: Quantitative Apptitude.
Qualification: M.Tech (Electronics)
Email Id: san33625@gmail.com

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